5 Masterpieces you can print for free

When it comes to printing famous art, or images on any medium to decorate your house you can find many art pieces which are in the public domain. That means anyone can use the art for commercial or personal use without any permission. These art pieces are usually of famous painters who are now dead … Read more

Use your pet’s photographs as art

Some of the most loyal and best friends are furry or scaly. They are the little creatures we are fond of and we adore them even when they are troublemakers. Yes, we are talking about your pets. After all, they are your best friends that no one can compare to. With these furry friends, you … Read more

ICU India: Pros and Cons They Don’t Tell You

ICU India: Pros and Cons They Don’t Tell You What Is ICU? ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit. It is an intensive care unit in a hospital that provides patients who are ill with medical attention and the doctor will be looking after them and monitoring their health. In this way, doctors have to check … Read more